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Zeynep Testoni 

Zeynep is inspired by the ocean and natural surrounds of her home in the village of Gerroa, NSW Australia and creates both functional and decorative ceramics. 

Just as the ocean can be crystal clear and calm one day and grey and tumultuous the next, Zeynep's ceramic practice is also a little unpredictable as she prefers to approach her making with a 'go with the flow' attitude and a philosophy of the 'pot decides what it wants to be.'  She believes that each piece will eventually 'find a home', even if sometimes that ‘home’ is back in the recycled clay bucket.

She has found joy in creating ceramics, after a successful career in the Department of Education for almost 30 years, where she brought the love of learning to students and teachers alike, while raising two gorgeous boys.

Zeynep is a small batch maker with each vessel taking on a character of its own. The eclectic and diverse nature of her work means that each piece is truly unique. Her work is an eclectic mix of contrasts - highly detailed intricate works to understated simplicity reflective of her surroundings and heritage.

She prefers the philosophy of "every pot eventually finds a home" and therefore if you see it , you like it and it brings you joy, then it must have your name on it. Keep that moment, it may never come again. 

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