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Frances Smith

Frances works mainly with porcelain clays.

Over the years she has developed many different ways of using porcelain to describe her world including:

  • Wheel-thrown and altered vessels decorated in simple black line, some with the application of bold under-glaze colours and augmented with metallic lustres in a third firing.

  • Sculptural forms in porcelain using a variety of techniques including carving, applied slip decoration and nerikome. 

  • Elegant, traditional and functional ceramic forms with a variety of glazes and finishes.

  • Ceramic porcelain jewellery where the clay is carved, fired and polished and combined with pearls, crystals and beads.


Fran teaches pottery techniques from her Kiama Ceramic Art Studio on the south coast of NSW.  She also regularly promotes and publishes articles and publications about ceramics online and in print.

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